Julia Sorrell - Artist


Although Julia's long career began when she was just three, she is still working nowadays as full of ideas as ever continually trying to solve unresolved problems in drawing and painting as well as creating textiles. The latter being a means of relaxing her brain and often she will be seen drawing and painting in her garden, sketching on long walks or weaving whilst a car passenger and embroidering when entertaining or at a concert.


Julia Sorrell's artistic career has and is a never ending journey to different places as the same place would be too boring for her. She loves to discover and explore and collect . Her studio is full of dried leaves, stones, pieces of wood etc. Afterall why cannot a stone be a mountain, a leaf be folded material and so on. Her versitality is such that she can be developing an imaginative 'dreamscape' painting, then perhaps go on to do a straight drawing of plants, then follow that with a highly observed portrait in oil.


Julia has exhibited widely including one woman shows in London, and in exhibitions around the rest of the UK, Europe and the USA.