Dreamscapes & Figurative

Julia has always lived in her own world wanting to escape the real world. As a child, she invented her own language and converted clouds into surreal creatures. At school, Julia would draw around the maths questions so that the teacher would eventually mark her drawings rather than her non-existant answers. Likewise, she would stare out of the window lost in her imagination oblivious to what was being taught. As an artist, Julia has not wished to be bored painting another straight still-life, but rather study and draw directly from a piece of wood, and see a stormy landscape within, or a reclining figure within a stone. When working directly from her imagination, Julia has used her own form of geometry to create a realistic form (see the blog post: Time of Plenty). Above all, she wants the viewer to believe in and enjoy the world of mystery and escapism she has created using solid drawing, abstraction and geometry.