Posted on 28th April, 2023

Some years ago, I travelled, camped and sketched in Iceland where I was mesmerized by the dramatic contrasts within the landscape, the surreal volcanic rocks and the fantastic waterfalls. The experience lodged into my subconscious. Sometime after, I picked up a piece of cast aside wood and turned it over in my hand seeing within a multitude of forms. Back in my studio I carefully placed it on a table and started to paint speedily my emotional response to it and soon what was revealed was an imaginary Icelandic waterfall. The white oil paint swished across the canvas as I emanated the sense of movement and force of water swirling and cascading in chaotic vortexes.



To many my paintings seem very different from one to the next, but to me each one is an individual like a child, where I am entering the imaginary worlds that do not exist but just could – couldn’t they?

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