Tellus Mater

Posted on 16th March, 2023

Tellus Mater is a spiral, the interlocking, the woman, the mother being central as her eyes lock with the child, her child, that helplessly stetches out to her. The mother encirles her arms giving protection.


Yet the mother and child are part of the greater whole - the environment - that they share with nature itself - the trees, the hedgerows, plants etc. The one does not, cannot survive without the other. The mother's very hair is integral to the very paths and trees that are walked. It has the obvious message that we are all dependent on everthing around us  far superior to materal things - and without the partnership of one with the other our future does not exist.

I loved creating this painting and it is central to all my work, natural forms, human feelings and so on.  Yet I did not want to make a blatant message, but rather a more subtle approach that will unfold to the viewer as they gradually peruse it.

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